Lost & Found Decor

Easy DIY Christmas Stencil Project

The process for making a great old sign is pretty straight-forward, but I do have a few tips to share that may help you in your own sign-making.

To make these boards feel a bit more aged I added a bit of Fusion Fresco to each paint color before I painted the board. I hit each board pretty heavily with a power sander.


Use Texture and Sanding

You also want to apply the paint through the stencil very lightly and in layers. It’s better to stencil on 2-3 thin layers instead of one thick layer that bleeds!


Use Proper Stencil Tools

It’s important to use a contrasting color for your words so they can be clearly read.

Use Contrasting Colors 


You can also play up your signs by adding some extra elements that fit with the theme.

Add Extra Touches