Vintage Childrens Room Decor

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I’ve posted before about how I love to decorate with old books.

I have a special place in my heart though for old children’s books especially.  I love the bright, but muted with time, colors and old-timey pictures.

Over the weekend I stopped in at an estate sale that had tons of old children’s books for sale.  I picked through the box and pulled out a few of my favorites.

childrens room decor

Adding those to two bedtime storybooks I already had, I now have a nice little collection for sale in my space.  I think The Shoe Book may be my favorite.

I wonder if it originally had laces?

childrens room decor

I love the Paper Doll book too. I remember playing with paper dolls when  I was a little girl.

childrens room decor

And lastly, I was excited to find a Mother Goose book in the pile.

Check out the laced-up binding.


These would be great displayed on a shelf in a child’s nursery or even bigger kid room.

Or, you could easily take out single pages and frame several of them in a row.  And of course you can use them for their original purpose and read them to your children too!

A simple, low-cost way to add a unique touch to your child’s space.

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