Other People’s Memories | Using Old Photos to Decorate

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In my space right now at Antique Company Mall I have a stock of old photos and family film reels from the 1950’s.

I realize that some people may think it’s strange using old photos to decorate with, but I really enjoy these little glimpses into other people’s pasts.

I love wondering about who these people were and the lives they lived.

using old photos to decorate

I stumbled across this set of film reels a few months ago at McKinney Trade Days.

I thought they were so unique and I loved that they were all still labeled.

One reads, “Paul’s Baptism, 1957”, and another is “Trip to Maine, 1954” with our friend Paul listed again plus lots of other names.

using old photos to decorate

I don’t have a media room, but if I did these would be prominently displayed in there!

I think they are so rich with character and great for the imagination—who was Paul and how did he like Maine?

using old photos to decorate

I also love this picture, maybe a family reunion?

And don’t you love the book behind it?  It’s just waiting for the perfect home.

using old photos to decorate

A few weeks ago I went to an estate sale that had boxes full of loose family photos.  Here are just a few that I snagged.

I’m actually kicking myself for not getting the whole box!

They were all about to be lost in the trash and I decided to help find them a new home.

Where in your space can you add some history with other people’s memories?


Sunday 10th of March 2013

Old photos are so cool. Watching old movies of strangers are very haunting. I am always looking at them trying to figure out what was happening when they took that photo.


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