{How To} Painted Magnolia Leaf Wreath with Fusion Metallics

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Have you seen the new line of metallic paint Fusion has to offer?



6 colors in all, formulated just like the regular, great Fusion Mineral Paint except using metallic pigments.  The large size containers are great for furniture projects, while the tester sizes are perfect for accents or craft projects, like this! 

I wanted to find a way to showcase these new metallics.  What could I paint that would fit in with the upcoming holidays?

Inspiration hit while out shopping one day when I saw a beautiful wreath made from magnolia leaves. I called my dad, who would be coming to visit me soon from Tennessee, and asked him to gather up some magnolia leaves from his backyard for me.  He showed up with an entire garbage bag full a few weeks later 🙂

Magnolia leaves are big, sturdy leaves that hold up well to being painted and being wired to a frame–which makes them perfect for this project.


How to embellish a magnolia leaf wreath using Fusion metallic paint


Would you like to make your own?  Here is the how-to!


Step 1:  Paint leaves various shades of metallics


magnolia leaves painted in metallic paint


I decided to use the Metallic Pale Gold, Silver (*not currently available, try Brushed Steel), and Copper for my wreath.  I tried to pick leaves that were roughly the same size and relatively flat.  Painting the leaves was super easy–just a small craft brush and a quick coat of paint, then leave to dry well overnight.  The silver did take a second coat to get the full coverage I wanted.


Step 2:  Attach leaves to wire form with floral wire in a staggered color pattern.


how to make a magnolia leaf wreath


The magnolia leaves are sturdy (like I said earlier), but I wasn’t sure their stems would hold up to being stuck into a styrofoam form, which I why I decided to wire them on with floral wire. Yes, this is a tedious step. But hey, sometimes beauty takes time to create 🙂

I layered on the leaves alternating between the 3 colored leaves and a few leaves left natural.


Step 3:  Repeat layering of leaves around the entire wire form and secure any loose leaves with hot glue.


diy metallic leaf magnolia wreath


Some of the leaves wanted to curl and flip out of place, so I did hot glue a few of them down to help secure them.

Here is the full wreath on my front door:


Metallic Painted Magnolia Leaf Wreath using Fusion Studio Metallics


I really love the various tones of metallics and how they play off the natural leaves. I think including the natural leaves helps keep the metallic from being over the top too.




There are obviously fall tones in this wreath, but I think it works for Christmas as well, and possibly even year round depending on your decor.

What would you create with the Fusion Metallics?



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Tuesday 5th of September 2023

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Monday 4th of September 2023

Hi Melanie! This wreath turned out gorgeous! The paint has a great metallic sheen. Also, your fingers must have been sore from wiring each of those leaves onto the wreath frame. The things we do in the pursuit of creativity and beauty. . .

Melanie Alexander

Monday 4th of September 2023

Haha, so true! Beauty is pain, right?

Glenda C

Friday 22nd of January 2016

Gorgeous! Did you paint the backside of the leaves as well?


Saturday 23rd of January 2016

Thank you! No, I left the backside of the leaves natural.

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Friday 20th of November 2015

Brilliant! Absolutely spot-on with the natural leaves thrown in! You are such an artist.

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