I shared earlier this week about my weekend Antique Alley trip and the great finds I found on our two days of picking.  There was a second reason for my trip though, and that was celebrating my husband and I’s 10 year anniversary!

We had said for years that we would go to Europe for our 10 year anniversary, but as it approached, it became pretty clear that we are not in the right season of life for a long overseas trip! So, we opted for an overnight trip to the “country” instead.

Just an hour south of Dallas, the land opens up and the suburbs disappear.  Right now, the bluebonnets are in bloom and the sides of the highways were carpeted with them.

My husband found a wonderful little bed and breakfast outside the small town of Hillsboro for our overnight stay.  It was called the Windmill, and is a historic home that sits on 21 acres complete with a beautiful little horse pasture.
It was so quiet out there, and so peaceful! To be outside of the hustle and bustle of the Dallas Metroplex was really refreshing. Every so often, I just need to be around old things.

After the past few weeks of stress and travel and working through the loss of my uncle, our night away in the country was a blessing.  We enjoyed our time at the Windmill B & B so much that we hope to bring our boys back maybe next spring.  I want them to learn to enjoy the countryside and the quietness of life outside of town.  I also think they would enjoy visiting with the Windmill’s precious horse family.
Who couldn’t love that face? This is Ruby, she is about a year old.  She has a little brother who was born only two weeks ago, and is so precious.
We spent some good time visiting with these guys before we headed out junking.

I’m so thankful for 10 years with my wonderful husband and picking partner! And thankful too for our quick trip away.  It wasn’t Europe, but it was still wonderful.  Sometimes it only takes getting an hour out of town to experience a refreshing change of scenery.

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