Hi everybody!  If you follow Lost & Found on Facebook or Instagram, then you probably saw that I spent a few days last week in New Orleans.

It was a surprise trip–for me at least.  My husband told me last month that for his mid-March birthday, all he wanted as a gift was to plan a short getaway for he and I.  In my mind, that meant maybe a night in a nice hotel in downtown Ft. Worth, or a day trip to a B&B in the Texas Hill Country. So I was quite surprised when he produced plane tickets and a 3-day itinerary for a trip to New Orleans!

To make sure I am representing us rightly, I want to say that we don’t do things like this often.  We’re not some jet-setting couple, always headed for weekend getaways here and there.

Our weekends are typically filled with kids’ soccer games, birthday parties, and projects around our house! So it really was quite a nice treat to have a few days together on our own (our boys were at my in-laws) and be able to really get outta town.


new orleans 8


So this post doesn’t have a lot of substance–no furniture makeovers, DIY projects, or major life lessons to share.  I thought about you all many times though while I was exploring this beautiful city and just wanted to share with you some of the beautiful New Orleans architecture I saw.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy some architectural eye-candy 🙂


New Orleans Architecture


We rented a small townhouse in the Marigny district, which is close to the French Quarter and much like it in character in charm.  This is what I saw when I stepped out our front door–adorable, brightly painted townhomes lining the streets.


new orleans 3


Apparently, there wasn’t much of a winter in New Orleans because everybody’s planters and baskets looked like they were at their peak of growth.


new orleans 1




The majority of the homes we saw were restored and in great shape. Every once in awhile we came across a home though that was really showing its age.


new orleans 9


new orleans 10


I am sure it is quite expensive to maintain all of that ornate trim and woodwork!  Even with it all worn and chippy though, it is still beautiful.

Once in awhile, we would walk past an open gate, where we could peek back into the hidden courtyards these homes share.


new orleans 6


Does’t that look like the most relaxing place to be?

It’s so hard to find authentic architectural pieces where I live. But everywhere I looked in New Orleans, there were pieces with the most amazing patina.


new orleans 4


new orleans 5


I thought it was a really beautiful city.  I was honestly surprised by how lovely it was!

I knew there would be small areas that would be charming, but I had no idea that the city as a whole had so much character.


new orleans 7


So if you get a chance to visit New Orleans, I would highly recommend it.  Eat some gumbo, stop for an afternoon coffee and beignet, take a carriage ride through the city, and just enjoy all of the amazing architecture.

Thanks for letting me share!




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