It’s true what they say–one man’s trash, literally IS another man’s treasure! 

Here are some of my most favorite ever trash finds!


Sorry for the crummy cell phone picture . . . But can you tell what that is?

The abandoned house in my neighborhood (same one I talked about here) had a trash pile out on the lawn for several days, apparently the last bit of what they were cleaning out before the crew starts to renovate the property. A silverplate platter caught my eye in the pile, so I stopped over to dig it out.

That’s when I saw this old, metal folding laundry basket–all collapsed down and wired together–sitting in the pile too.  It was hard to tell exactly what it was, all folded up and flat like it was, but my instinct told me it was something good, so I grabbed it too.

Well well, my instinct was right!  When I got it back to my garage and straightened all the parts out, I was so excited to see the pile of wire turns into one of these old baskets!! It’s probably my best trash find ever.

After some debate, I decided to take the basket up to my antique booth to sell, but I wasn’t sure what to do with the 2 extra pieces.


I couldn’t figure out how to secure them onto the larger basket piece, so I just set them aside.

A day or so later though, I was playing around with them some more and noticed just how beautiful their wire pattern was–then inspiration struck! I knew just what to do with them!

You all know I’ve been working on renovating and redecorating my kitchen for a while now, and I have this one bare, wall spot in need of something special.

A few months ago I filled half of the wall space with a $10 wooden wall plate rack that I found at a local flea market.


Before hanging it up, I revived the wood using my tried and true oil & vinegar mix (read more about that here–it’s awesome and so easy!!).


See how it brings the wood tone back to life?


A few anchors and screws were all it took to get it secured to the wall.


I’ve enjoyed filling it with some of my favorite ironstone pieces–although it’s a little challenging because the slots are pretty small!


So anyway, back to the metal laundry baskets . . . I’ve enjoyed this plate rack, but there was a giant open spot next to it on this large wall that needed something unique.

I didn’t want to put any more wood up–that makes way too much wood on one wall–and I am pretty picky about the art I hang, so the spot has been empty for a while.

Not any longer though!!


Don’t they look cool?? The metal gives the perfect, rustic look and adds interest without clutter.


Right now I have the bottom basket open and the top partially closed.  I like that I can change them up though if I get tired of them after a bit.




There still is a little space above the plate rack, and I have a small sign I may hang up there to balance out the arrangement.

I’m pretty excited though about how it looks just after adding these pieces, and even more excited that I literally pulled them out of the trash!

My husband likes them too because he thinks they are kind of modern-looking, which is a little of his thing.

Who would have thought old laundry baskets could be modern decor?


I doubt I will get this lucky dumpster-diving again anytime soon . . . Thanks for letting me share!!


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