Glassware Decor Galore

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It’s been a few months since I have been able to make my favorite, local monthly flea market.  So I was thrilled when things worked out for me to go this past Friday, and even happier when North Texas found itself in the middle of a cold front with morning lows in the 60’s!  I almost needed a jacket when I showed up at the market around 9:00 am–that is CRAZY talk for Texas in July.

For whatever reason at this month’s market, the only thing that caught my eye was glassware decor…and lots of it!  I don’t know if that was really all there was or if my brain was just stuck in that mode, but when I tallied up my haul at the end of the morning it was 95% vintage glassware.

These super cute Japanese made boxer puppies were my first buy (and they sold to a dealer at my mall before I could even get them into my space!)Glassware DecorAren’t they cute?  I’m not sure what their little yellow dishes were for, I would love it if any of you may know.

I also came upon this great set of old Japanese hand-painted tea china.Glassware DecorI love their bright colors and meticulously painted details.Glassware DecorIn the same booth I spotted a large transferware bowl.Glassware DecorI asked the lady about it, and she said it came in a box of miscellaneous items from an estate sale.  It has a rather large crack, but is still quite beautiful.  When she told me I could have it for $2, I knew it was going home with me!Glassware DecorThe lady who sold me the plates and bowl was a new vendor to the market, and had moved in the past few months from the Virginia area to be close to her son. She was telling me about how she had been collecting her whole life, and now she had so much stuff it cost her $13,000 to move it all to Texas!  Amazing.

She also though told me about several flow blue pieces she has (yay!), so I gave her my card and asked her to please send me pictures when she got those boxes unpacked.

Speaking of flow blue, I did find a deep deal on a flow blue plate for my own collection.Glassware DecorIt was so cheap because one of the edges has been broken and glued back on.  Doesn’t matter to me though 🙂 Still looks great on my shelf with my other pieces.

Who likes ironstone? I bought a lot of 4 pieces from one dealer, which included this Meakin sugar,Glassware DecorRedcliff ironstone cream and sugar set,Glassware Decorand a very old, unmarked teapot.IMG_2972On my way out, I grabbed this cute stoneware bowl with blue floral print.IMG_2979It’s a great size, perfect for in a bathroom to hold soap or other beauty supplies.

I did buy one thing that wasn’t a piece of glassware, and it is rather special . . .IMG_2985I couldn’t resist this beautiful antique quilt being sold by Karla, one of my favorite vendors. The colors on it are so vibrant and I love all the hand detail work. I so wish I knew how to quilt . . . maybe in another season of life.  Anyway, it looks wonderful displayed with my primitive cabinet.

So it was a lovely morning at the flea market, both the weather and my finds!  What did you find over the weekend?


Diane | An Extraordinary Day

Sunday 27th of July 2014

What a fun day! And to have cool weather...that's a double bonus! I am always drawn to dishes and pottery, too. Unfortunately I'm probably in the same boat as the new Texan. Not a good thing.

Thanks so much Melanie for sharing your finds with us at Project Inspire{d}!

Linda@Coastal Charm

Monday 21st of July 2014

Happy to see that your trip to the Flea Market was a good one. I was thinking that those cute dogs might be ashtrays. Love all the ironstone pieces. That transferware bowl is beautiful and it will sell (I just sold a large pitcher that looked a lot like it really fast). You are so lucky to have good fleas nearby (I don't have any).

Blessings, Linda


Tuesday 22nd of July 2014

Hi Linda! Maybe they are ashtrays . . . that's a good guess :) I am actually keeping the transferware bowl for myself, at least for now! You should make a trip to TX sometime to visit some of our markets!

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