A Big Learning Curve

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Life around here the past few weeks has been somewhat out of the ordinary.  With the addition of my new job as a Fusion Mineral Paint Merchant, stuff like crazy is coming in and out of my house–which means figuring out new ways to store it, keep track of it, and promote it.IMG_4169I don’t mind being challenged and having to learn a new skill, as long as it’s for something that interests me.  Thankfully, this paint has not disappointed me and being a merchant for Fusion really excites me.DSC04930

I spent some time last week playing with the colors I have it (about 15 of the 24), making sample boards for each of them and working on some other ways to display the colors. DSC04936Each paint color will have its own chip brush–which is totally an idea I stole from Pinterest (thank you other creative people!).  It was interesting finding ways to let all of these little guys dry while keeping small hands away from them . . .DSC04933I found some leftover pieces of beadboard in my garage that I cut down to rectangles.  Each of these is also going to get a coat of paint and will be pieces in my display where people can see and feel each colors’ finish.

My first attempt at getting the start of my display up to ACM was thwarted by bad weather last Friday, but by late Saturday I was able to make my way to the mall and get things going.IMG_4186Sorry for the less-than-ideal cell phone pictures . . . in the rush to get to the mall I forgot my camera 🙂  I got lucky and was able to buy my display stand from another dealer in the mall, who kindly delivered it to my booth space.  It displays the paint perfectly, and has plenty of room for more colors and products.IMG_4193There is a lot more left to do with my display, but it’s a work in progress.  The rest of life is still going on around me, so Fusion paint can only get so much of my mental bandwidth.

Like most of the country, we’ve bene dealing with this,IMG_4185which  means school’s out and kids are home.  I’ve also had this though going on,IMG_4165Yep–that’s a two year old with two fractured wrists–don’t ask!  He has adapted pretty well, but he still has needed help with every meal, and don’t even get me started on the difficulties with bathtime!  Thankfully, he did just a few days ago get his casts off and now I am just trying to keep him from wrestling too hard and re-injuring himself 🙂

So, yes, my life lately has been a little out of the ordinary.  There is a big learning curve to starting a retail line. My husband has been working on getting my online Fusion Paint store up and running (thank you so much to those of you patiently waiting!), but all of that really looks like Greek to me!  I have managed learning the in-and-outs of WordPress pretty well, but sales taxes, shipping rates, and payment methods just don’t compute in my right-brained head.

Just a little peak into my world for you all . . . Thanks for jumping in with me. We’re supposed to get another blast of sleet and snow tonight, but then they say that should be the last of it.  I sure hope so!  Stay warm everyone.

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Thursday 5th of March 2015

Both Chocolate & Prairie Sunset look delicious - would love to try them.


Wednesday 4th of March 2015

Your display looks great! I can't wait to try the new paint in town!!


Thursday 5th of March 2015

Thanks so much Nancy :)

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