Hello everybody!  I had a nice week away from blog-land.  Thank you for being patient and for sticking with me through a week or rest.

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? Our family of 5 (6 counting the dog) packed up and headed to my in-laws to celebrate.




Aren’t we a lovely bunch?  In case you are worried I might be disowned for posting this photo online, I feel confident I am free to share it because it will be my in-laws official Christmas card picture 🙂

Now that we’re back in town and school has started again, I am tackling my Christmas decorations.  Please tell me I’m not the last person to get started!

I’ve also been making lots and lots postcard banners and glitter banners for my booth space.


Banners made from Vintage postcard printings


These are always popular items and I’m trying to make sure I have enough to get me through the holiday season.

Last year, along with the postcard banners I started making glittered Christmas word banners from a graphic I created.


Free printable and how-to for making a word banner for Christmas tree


All of the ones I made sold, except for the three I kept back for myself to hang on my big tree.


free printable noel banner


The smallest banner reads “Joy,” the middle size says “Noel,” and the largest one is “Peace.”

I love the addition of the word banners to my tree and decor. Not only does their glittered edges add a little extra sparkle, but their messages help me focus on the higher meaning of Christmastime.

Would you like to have a glittered word banner for yourself?

If you are the crafty kind, I have added a Free Printable of my red themed “Noel” banner to this post.  You are welcome to download the graphic and make your own 🙂

Click here to download graphic.

I apologize for not having a full photo tutorial, but I think these are simple enough that a quick written how-to will work:

1.  Print off graphic on card stock (I usually use off white).

2. Cut out each of the 4 letters, leaving approximately a 1/4 inch border around the edge of the actual printed graphic.

3.  Round off the corners of each letter carefully with scissors.

4.  Using a very small paint brush, “paint” on glue in a thin line along the border you left on the edge of each card.

5.  Sprinkle silver glitter along the line of glue, shaking off any excess. It is best to glue and glitter one side of the card at a time, so that your glue won’t dry out before you shake the glitter on.  Allow cards to sit and dry for 2-3 hours.

6.  Using a hole punch, make a hole in the top left and top right corner of each letter.

7.  String red craft ribbon through the holes.  Embellish with additional ribbon bows or ties along the banner if you wish.

8.  Hang and enjoy




I hope you enjoy the graphic and that your holiday decorating is going well.



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