Flow Blue Milk Paint Desk { Furniture Makeover }

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I went back and forth, trying to decide if this piece was a desk or a vanity . . . I’ve decided to settle on desk.  I think in my earlier posts where I walked you through the prep on this piece I called it a vanity, so please forgive my inconsistencies!

Let’s get back to the main issue though, which is that this sad little desk isn’t so sad anymore!

Flow Blue Milk Paint Desk Makeover

I have really been wanting to try Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in Flow Blue, but I think it’s best reserved for smaller pieces since it’s such a bold color.  This desk is quite petite, so it was the perfect piece on which to try it out.

I’ve showed you the refinishing of the top, so let’s take a look at the whole thing together:

Blue Milk Paint Desk Furniture Makeover

The color did not disappoint!  It is a rich, beautiful blue and the milk paint did its job of chipping in the perfect spots.

Blue Milk Paint Desk Furniture Makeover

It may be hard to see in the “before” picture, but the original art deco pulls had been spray painted brown. I used spray on Citri-Strip to remove the old paint and then cleaned them off with Bar Keeper’s Friend. They aren’t back to their original bright brass color, but that wasn’t what I was going for anyway.  I like their dullness, but my main goal was just to get rid of the cheap brown paint.

Blue Milk Paint Desk Furniture Makeover

Before painting, I did give the body of the desk a light sanding with my orbital sander to prevent too much chipping from taking place.  Most of the paint that did still chip away was on the drawer fronts; I was happy with that.

You may be worried that chipping paint like this might continue to fall off at the slightest touch, but sealing it with furniture wax keeps that from happening. If you pick at it hard you can get more paint off, but the wax keeps more chipping from happening just from everyday use.

Blue Milk Paint Desk Furniture Makeover

Blue Milk Paint Desk Furniture Makeover

The Dark Walnut refinished top contrasts well with the deep blue.

And who doesn’t love cute little casters?

Blue Milk Paint Desk Furniture Makeover

I’m very happy with how the desk turned out, and I’m even happier that I finally got to try out the Flow Blue milk paint!  I have plans to use it on another project, and then use the two blue pieces as part of my blue and red Christmas color scheme in my antique booth.

Is Flow Blue too bold of a color for you?  What do you think?


Kim Turner

Sunday 6th of November 2016

Where did you find those cute little casters?!? Love them!


Monday 7th of November 2016

They came on the piece Kim :) I love casters too though.

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Friday 15th of May 2015

I love how this turned out Melanie! Thank you so much for your detailed tutorials. This is so helpful. So many tutorials I've found just saw sand down the wood, but when you've never done it before you've no clue if you've gone too far. Initially when I was sanding my piece and the bare wood started to show I thought maybe I'd ruined it, but after reading your post I see I just need to keep going!! Thank you!


Friday 15th of May 2015

You're welcome Melanie! That's exactly why I wrote this post and took the photos! I too had been unsure about what "bare wood" was and was afraid to sand too far. So glad it was helpful :) I would love to see your table once it's finished, email me a picture please!

Judy Bales

Thursday 30th of October 2014

Wow! I have an old high boy dresser that was my grandmothers which looks to be in the same condition as your desk. Was wondering what to do with it and the beautiful results with the flow blue paint has truly inspired me! Hope I can find the paint!


Friday 31st of October 2014

Thank you Judy! You can actually order the MMS milk paint online at Amazon, if you don't have a local retailer near you. I have a link on my sidebar that will take you there if interested. So glad you were inspired, please send me a picture of the finished product if you decide to paint the dresser.


Wednesday 29th of October 2014

It looks amazing! I have a l furniture project that I have been debating on using flow blue milk paint on, but wasn't sure if the color would be too bold. I tried it on a smaller accessory and loved how it turned out, and now seeing how great your desk looks, I may just try it on the piece of furniture that I have been debating on. Thanks for the inspiration.


Friday 31st of October 2014

You are so welcome Dorene. It is a bold color, but I think it still works even on slightly larger pieces. Please send me a photo of the piece you are thinking making over if you decide to try it!

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