Custom Furniture Painting
in Northwest Arkansas

Besides my retail space, I also offer Custom Furniture Painting and Design Services to people in Northwest Arkansas

I am skilled in both painting and refinishing/staining furniture and would love to give your pieces a new look. We’ll talk style and color, and I will work hard to meet every design expectation you have.

Prices depend on the size and type of piece, color scheme, and complexity of design, and can range from $150-$700.

One thing to note – due the need for multiple coats, white pieces actually cost more than dark and neutral colors.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions section below for additional information. You can also submit a little information about your project below to get the quote process started.

Thank you!

Samples of My Work

FAQ’s About Custom Work

What type of paint do you use?
I exclusively use Fusion Mineral Paint and on occasion, Milk Paint. Fusion is a high-quality acrylic paint formulated for furniture use. It is free of all VOC’s, non-toxic, and highly durable. It will provide a matte, satin finish that is both waterproof and stain proof. If a more glossy finish is desired, a topcoat can be added to get a higher gloss look.
Where can I see the line of Fusion colors?
You can see the full line of available Fusion colors on my website here, or at I encourage customers to also look on Pinterest or Google to see pieces painted in the various Fusion colors to help give a more complete idea of the tones of the color.

Colors can be darkened or lightened, or custom mixed to create a totally unique color just for you!

Do you paint with a sprayer?
At this time I do not use a sprayer for my custom work pieces. I brush paint my pieces, but do my best to provide a smooth finish that shows minimal texture and brush strokes.

If you are looking for a sleek, factory-finished painted finish on your piece, I would advise to contact a painter that uses a paint sprayer.

Do you work also with stain?
I can sand down and re-stain certain pieces as well, depending upon the condition of the wood. I typically only re-stain flat surfaces–such as table and dresser tops. Sanding down and re-staining does add additional cost to a custom work project.
Where are your services located?
I do all of my custom work out of my home here in Allen, Texas.
Do you offer pickup and/or delivery?
If a customer cannot bring their furniture piece to my home, I do offer a pick-up and delivery service that ranges in price from $25-$50, depending upon the customer’s location and the size or number of pieces.
How long will it take to refinish my piece?
Each project is unique and how long it takes to complete depends on several factors.

Custom work is just one part of my business, so the turnaround time for each project depends on what other types of things are in my work schedule.

Pieces that have more prep work or colors require more coats (whites and reds, for example) also may extend the turnaround time.

Lastly, hot and humid weather can also play into how quickly pieces dry and cure.

Typically I complete most projects in 10-14 days, but all of the situations mentioned above can extend that time. Ultimately, I do my best to communicate clearly with each customer and take into account any deadlines they have. If you need a piece finished by a certain day and I don’t feel 100% confident I can complete it in time, I will tell you upfront so you can consider that before we start work on your project.

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