Happy Weekend everyone!! I’m helping to spread the news about Fusion Mineral Paint’s brand-spankin’ new line of colors!


tones for tots 2


This is the Tones for Tots Collection, and the color palette is designed with infant nurseries and children’s spaces in mind (although, I’m gonna use these colors all over the place!!).

The colors have such cute names!  There’s Little Piggy,


little piggy


Little Speckled Frog,


little speckled frog


Little Teapot,


little teapot


Little Stork (which is a pale, warm lavender)


little stork


along with Little Whale, Little Lamb, and Little Star


little whale


little lamb


little star


Are you feeling inspired yet?

Here is one of the most exciting things about this line . . .

The Tones for Tots Collection has been tested and complies with the lead and phlalate restrictions of the Toy Safety Standards of North America and Europe.  The TFT Collection is formulated exactly the same as the rest of the Fusion line, which means there are zero VOC’s, natural pigments, and  no toxic added fillers.  To help ease the mind of parents everywhere though, Fusion decided to submit the TFT Collection to additional testing so they could have this official compliance on record.  The TFT Collection colors will have a slightly higher retail sale price as a result, since the added cost of compliance testing goes into these colors:  $24.99 per pint, with the testers at $5.99.  Still a great bargain!!

tones for tots


There is also an exclusive line of nursery-themed stencils being released with the TFT colors.




Aren’t they adorable?

I’ve got a project underway using the Little Lamb and Little Stork along with one of the stencils, so stay tuned! The shelf release date for these colors is May 28th–my shipment is on its way and should be here in time for the official release! These colors will be available both in my retail Antique Company Mall space here in the DFW area, as well as in my online shop.

I would love to hear what you think about the new colors! Which ones are your favorites? What projects do you have in mind?





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