Guess what–I found the lost pictures showing how the Fusion Mineral Paint antique glaze works!  Yay!  (do you know about Fusion Mineral Paint?)


Last week I posted the makeover for this little oak washstand and mentioned that I had some great pictures showing the contrast between the painted finish without the antique glaze and the finish with it . . . but I couldn’t find them 🙁

Turns out I had taken them on my husband’s phone (why???) and he found them for me.

I promise this wasn’t some clever trick for getting two posts out of this one dresser makeover 🙂

But anyway, here is the photo:

How to Add Depth to Your Painted Furniture with Fusion Antique Glaze

The drawer on the left has no antique glaze applied, while the drawer on the right does (that’s probably pretty obvious).

You can really tell how much the glaze settled down into the deep oak grain and brought it out to the finish.  It is such a simple trick, but adds so much depth and character.

How to Add Depth to Your Painted Furniture with Fusion Antique Glaze

The Fusion Antique Glaze is a lightly pigmented glaze that you can brush or wipe on.  I find it much easier to apply and control that dark wax since it’s a liquid–you wipe off the excess with a quick swipe of the rag, then apply more if you want the antiquing effect darker.

It’s great at settling into cracks and crevices, bringing out visual texture, and adding aged character.

I’m so glad my hubby found the picture!

How to Add Depth to Your Painted Furniture with Fusion Antique Glaze

Have a great day!



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