I have a great guide to share with you today that will help you know what vintage items sell best during each season.

January and February: Post-Holiday Refresh

People are transitioning from the holiday hustle and bustle and are looking for simplicity and freshness.


March and April: Springtime Vibes

For these months, Greens and pastels are your go-to colors. As nature awakens, so should your booth.


May, June, and July: Summer Fun

This is a good time then to add warmer, saturated wood tones and deeper colors to your booth.


August and September: Months of Transition

Focus on back-to-school items, like old school desks, maps, and children’s books.


October, November, and December: The Holiday Season

It’s important to remember that you can use non-holiday items in holiday colors and textures to create a festive atmosphere.


Full List Below

Click the link below for a detailed list of What to Sell Every Month in your Antique Booth