This is the best Easter DIY craft idea! An easy vintage Easter homemade craft DIY! 👉

Select your Image and Surface

Any image can be used for a transfer, all that matters is that the image is printed by a laser printer.


Prepare your Surface and Image

I painted the board with a coat of Fusion Mineral Paint in Champlain. Carefully tear along the edge of your image.


Apply Fusion Transfer Gel

Fusion’s Transfer Gel is slightly thicker than regular paint.  I brushed it onto the surface using a foam brush.


Place Your Image on the Surface

Making sure it’s straight place your image face-down onto the surface painted with the Transfer Gel. Gently press the image with your fingertips, working out any bubbles.


Wet down the Image

Let it dry at least 24 hours. Once dry, take a rag and thoroughly wet down the backside of the image. Start rubbing with your fingertips to remove the wet paper. Let dry.


Repeat Step 5

You will need to keep working on wetting and rubbing the paper several more times to get the bulk of the excess paper off.


Gently Apply Wax to Brighten Image

Gently rub on a light coat of wax and the image comes to life! After you wax your image, you are officially finished with the transfer process.


Full Guide Below

Click the link below for a longer and detailed guide on the Vintage Easter Sign DIY Idea!