Lost & Found Decor

Oak Washstand Makeover with Milk Paint

I found a little oak washstand that was kinda tired looking and needed something to brighten it up a bit. Milk paint is my go-to paint for this type of piece!

If you’re working with a real wood surface and you want to let the milk paint chip and do its thing, then just give your piece a quick wipe down to get obvious dust and dirt off.



Measure up 1 part paint powder to 1 part water in your jar, close the lid tightly, then shake! Scrape the sides and bottom as well to make sure all the powder as dissolved.


Mixing Milk Paint

The first coat of milk paint always looks bad . . . So don’t freak out if you’re new to using it!

The “Mildy Terrible” Coat


No more streaky yellow, nice full coverage! And look at all that great chipping!

The result!