Milk Paint is one of my favorite paints to work with! Learn how to use Milk Paint for your furniture.

What is Milk Paint?

In its most basic form, it is a simple pigmented powder that you mix with water to make a thin paint.


How Do You Mix Milk Paint?

Mixing milk paint is as easy as mixing a boxed brownie mix! Simply measure out equal parts paint and water, add to a container, stir until combined.


How Do you Prep Furniture  for Milk Paint?

Step one is to clean your piece well with a degreaser, then lightly scuff with sandpaper.


What Furniture Can You Paint with Milk Paint

Typically, I reserve milk paint for those great wood pieces where I want to see the texture of the original wood still show through.


Click the link below for a detailed guide on:  What is Milk Paint and How to Use It!