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Antique Glaze or Dark Wax on your Painted Furniture

I’ll share how I’ve used glazes and dark waxes to solve some common issues I’ve encountered with furniture pieces I’m painting! An easy guide to dark wax and antique glaze for furniture. 

- Adding Interest to a Piece with Lots of     Detail and Recesses  - Adding Age and Depth, Blending     Colors  - Making a Cool-Toned Color more         Warm-Toned

When it’s helpful to use an antique glaze or dark wax

A glaze comes in a liquid form and can be applied easily with either brush or a cloth. Once you brush on the glaze, you wipe back the excess using a lint-free cloth.


How to Use an Antiquing Glaze

Like a glaze, wax can be applied also with either a brush or a rag. With whatever tool you use, the key is to push the wax down into the corners and recesses of the piece. 


How to Use a Dark Wax

And again like a glaze, you will go back and wipe off any excess with a lint-free cloth after your wax sets for 2-4 minutes.

How to use a Dark Wax