How to Paint Over Chalk Paint

Lost & Found Decor

Whether you want to just change the color with a new coat of chalk paint or try out a different type of paint, here's the perfect guide for you!

The wax MUST be removed

Wax acts as a resist, and just about any paint you put over wax will not adhere well.


Remove Furniture Wax

Taking off furniture wax is not a difficult process, but is a little time consuming and a bit messy. Learn how below!


Check for grease or dirt

I always clean my pieces with the Fusion TSP Alternative before I paint.


Do you need sandpaper? 

If you can see a shine or gloss on your piece, it will be helpful to give it a quick scuff with a  mid-grit sandpaper.


Get painting!

If you have a chalk painted piece you’re ready to repaint, I hope you found this helpful.