Yes you can make money selling at antique mall! This is the best guide to learn about the antique mall industry.

Stock a Few Big Items, Several Middle-Priced Items, and Lots and Lots of Small, Inexpensive Items. It’s the “smalls” that make up the bulk of their paychecks.



Do you watch Fixer Upper?  If not, you should. Everybody wants to decorate like Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper!


Pay Attention to Trends

 Let them know you are invested in the success of your booth space as well as the success of the mall overall.

Get to Know your Mall Managers


Most antique mall customers are repeat ones, and they don’t want to keep seeing the same stuff, arranged in the same way, every time they walk by your space.

Restock and Rearrange your Booth Often


This strategy involves finding regular things for cheap, giving them a little bit of a facelift, and then selling them for 4 to 5 times more than what you paid.

Take the Ordinary and Make it Special


I’ve sold in a not-so-great mall and in a fantastic mall, and the difference is like night and day!

Rent a Spot Only in the Best Mall