Explore fun coffee-themed diy projects you can do at home! From decor ideas for your coffee station, diy coffee jars and more 👉

Coffee Bar Sign

Here’s an adorable sign to hang in your new coffee bar! The DIY guide includes a free printable and simple steps.


Cute Jar to Store Coffee Beans

Check out the blog post for full instructions and all the supplies you will need to make one yourself.


Decorate Mugs with Sharpie!

An easy and fun craft to decorate coffee mugs! Learn exactly what kind of Sharpie to use and how you can get the same look


Coffee Scrub

If you don't drink coffee, here is an idea then for how to turn coffee into a yummy scrub!


Full List Below

Click the link below for a full list of coffee related craft ideas!  From coffee mug decorating to how to make a coffee candle and more ✨