I’m a firm believer in the power of a great photo. This is the best guide on how to take pictures of your flipped furniture!

Find or Create a Good Background

You want your furniture piece to be the star!  One of the best ways to make this happen is by placing your piece in front of an uncluttered, neutral backdrop.


Use Props to Set the Mood

It’s about making the space look magical–like living life there would always be perfect, clean, and cozy.


Set a Theme using Color or Subject

To make your photos feel cohesive, use props that fit together in some way.


Keep in Mind the Style and Era

Antique pieces match well with vintage props and likewise modern pieces look best with more clean, modern decor.


Sometimes More is Less

Sometimes a piece looks great with a lot of props added in around it, but sometimes it needs to stand alone.


Full List Below

Click the link below for a detailed guide to the BEST Tips For Your Flipped Furniture Photos!