Use this easy guide for a DIY bathroom upgrade! Learn how to update your bathroom at home. 

Instead of a hard-to-reach towel bar, I added kid-height hooks for each of my boys’ towels.


Swap Towel Hooks for Towel Bars

Kids get really confused by 2-handle faucets. A single-handle faucet is a simple fix.


Replace 2-Handle Faucets

My kids always had trouble with the “one curtain stays out of the tub, one curtain stays inside” policy when showering.


Separate the Decorative Shower Curtain & Curtain Liner

Why in the world are not all toilet paper holders lift bars?  Does anybody really enjoy fumbling around with that spring-loaded contraption?


Replace Spring-Bar Toilet Paper Holder

I would rather wait to spend the money on replacing the vanity  until they are older and this bathroom will suffer less wear and tear.


Update the Vanity, Don’t Replace It