Are you looking for an easy Valentine’s Day craft? Follow along to see my easy, DIY Valentine’s Day decor project you can make at home

Stenciled Valentine’s Day Heart Sign

This heart decoration can be customized to fit your own home decor color scheme by changing the colors or the wording.


Wood Bead Heart Wreath

If you’re looking for more farmhouse style Valentine’s decor, this wreath made of wood beads is the perfect option.


Framed Pinecone Flower Heart

I love the idea of cutting off the tops of pinecones to make flower shapes, and think the result is just beautiful.


DIY Yarn Hearts

These pink yarn hearts are a unique twist on the heart decor idea.


Heart Shaped Soap

You can make these heart-shaped soaps and sit them out on a pretty dish for your guests as a fun way to celebrate the day.


Candy Heart Valentine’s Day Tree

How about repurposing a small Christmas tree into a Valentine’s tree?


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