Is Painted Furniture Going Out of Style in 2024?

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Painted furniture is out of style.

Everyone wants real wood again.

Nobody is buying my painted pieces.

The chalk paint trend is dead.

These are all comments I’ve heard over the past 6 months or so. Everybody and their brother has been telling me that painted furniture is no longer in style. 

The design trends have swung back towards real wood, and all those painted pieces have to go!

But is painted furniture really going out of style in 2024? 

The answer isn’t a simple yes or no.  

Furniture pieces, like all other home decor items, are subject to changing style trends.  Several furniture trends have come and gone over the past decade, and more are sure to follow.

A few coats of paint may not be the answer for every old furniture piece in 2024, or that family heirloom you have stashed in storage. But the world of furniture painting is far from dead.

Let’s look a bit closer at what is working for painted furniture in 2024, and what has maybe passed its prime.

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Painting Antique Furniture in 2024

To qualify as a true antique, a furniture piece has to be at least 100 years old.  Many pieces that are called “antique” are actually vintage pieces, that are more like 40-70 years old.

Another common misconception is that all antique furniture is valuable.  Just like our modern-day furniture, some antique pieces were produced “mass market,” which means there are a ton of pieces like them still available so they don’t hold a ton of value.  Think of the IKEA of the early 1900’s.

But for the true antique pieces that were made by smaller makers, or show particular excellence in craftsmanship, those are the pieces that in 2024 are best left in their original finish.

This is an Eastlake-style dresser with a marble top I purchased recently from an estate sale.  When painted furniture really hit its stride about a decade ago, this is a piece that many people would have painted, and it likely would have sold! 

Remember dark wood was not in style for quite some time, so even though the stained finish on this dresser is in excellent condition, many buyers would not have been attracted to it.  

However in 2024, darker stained wood is coming back in style and it’s no longer fashionable to paint antique pieces like this that are in good condition.  I won’t have any issue selling this piece just as it is.

Now if you get your hands on an old piece of furniture that is in bad shape (maybe the finish is badly scraped) or a piece that isn’t particularly valuable (again, think that 1900’s IKEA) a fresh coat of paint can still be a nice way to give it new life.

When I found this old washstand, the topcoat was completely worn off and the finish was tinted a not-so-pretty orange.  Not to mention it was falling apart!

I glued it back together and used gray milk paint to tone down the orange finish and cover the water damage on the wood. I like to think in this example, painting this piece helped save it from the burn pile.

So in 2024, my best advice would be to leave your family heirlooms and true quality antique pieces unpainted if possible.

Wood furniture with a nice stain is coming back in style and being mixed back into living spaces for a warm, cozy look.

If the old piece has seen better days or it looks like it’s on the way to the trash heap, then a neutral paint color can still be great way to revive it.

Stylish Painted Furniture Ideas for 2024

So maybe you have a piece that is not a high-quality antique, it’s just your everyday 90’s dresser from the thrift store or that old kitchen table you’ve had since you first got married. What about using paint to give those pieces a fresh look?

There are several different ways to paint furniture in 2024 that are currently stylish and trendy.  Especially if it’s your own furniture and you’re looking to save money by not buying new, then a fresh coat of paint is still an easy way to update your furniture and change the style of your room.

Updating Old Storage With Neutral Paint

Introducing a fresh color palette is one of the best ways to update a space you’re not happy with. But this doesn’t mean you need to go and buy all new furniture! 

This blogger wanted to redo her kids’ playroom, but instead of buying new pieces, she painted the old IKEA storage units she already had with a soft neutral.

The result was a fresh new space that cost her less than $100!

You can read about her full makeover here.

Using Paint to Pair Mismatched Furniture

Thrifting for furniture is even more popular in 2024 than it was in 2023. But what if you need a matching pair of pieces for your room but can’t find a set?

No problem! A great option is to look for 2 pieces that are similar in size and design and then paint them the same color!

You can read all about this fun green color and mismatched nightstand makeover here

Making an Inexpensive Piece Look More Stylish

I found this table at a thrift store and paid around $25. The top was damaged and the color and style were not very current.

I used white paint and a special technique with stain to create a weathered wood look for the top.  The result was a gorgeous table with a durable new finish.

Adding a Pop of Color With Paint

When decorating a space, sometimes you need a pop of bold color to add a little wow factor.

This small chest was painted a bright green color, and it’s adorable! Can you see a small splash of color like this in your space?

Read all about this makeover project here.

Mixing Paint with a Natural Wood Finish

In 2024, painting the entire piece may not be the best plan.  If you have a solid wood piece, one current trend is to paint only part of it, and then refinish the rest in a lighter wood stain.

The body and two drawers of this gorgeous vintage dresser was painted in a soft off-white, while the remaining drawers stay natural wood. The result is a modern and stylish look.

Popular Paint Colors for 2024

I’m seeing a trend in 2024 with furniture paints promoting their soft neutrals over bold bright colors. If you want to go with more saturated colors, black paint or dark greens and blues are the way to go in 2024.

Trendy Colors for Painted Furniture 2024 Include:

Photo credits, Chateau by Andrea U Designs, Algonquin by Restless & Refurbished, Drop Cloth by Salvaged Inspirations, Cactus by Do Dodson Designs, Vagabond by Pinewood Charm

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The discount will automatically be applied in your cart. Yay!

What Paint Colors Are Out in 2024?

This is a tougher question to answer, because honestly If you’re painting furniture for your own home, then just go with the color you love! Style and color tastes are quite personal, and different areas of the country will also respond differently to various colors.

But if you’re looking to paint furniture to sell in 2024, then I would suggest avoiding the following:

  • Bright, cold white. Look for more off-white or a greige neutral
  • Cold grays are giving way to warmer grays and taupes
  • Light blues and turquoise, unless you’re in a more coastal area with a beachy vibe
  • Reds, just a hard sell right now!

Final Thoughts on Painting Furniture in 2024

Painted furniture is a design trend that is here to stay. With that said, the colors and techniques used will come in and out of style as moods change.

My best suggestion for 2024 is to use paint as a way to save or elevate a furniture piece that is cheap or outdated. Your true antique pieces are best left unpainted.

When picking the color for your next diy project, look to soft neutrals or deep greens and blues.  Consider incorporating some light wood tones in your makeover as well.

But above all else, have fun with your next furniture painting project! While it’s important to keep an eye on trends, it’s even more important to create something you love.

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Thursday 1st of February 2024

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Tuesday 16th of January 2024

Great article Melanie. White painted furniture is definitely on its way out- at least in this area. Love all the photos!!

Kimberlon Horton

Sunday 14th of January 2024

I’ve been hearing this too over the last year…and since I paint furniture to sell…it makes me wonder what I’m doing. Thank you so much Melanie!! This article was wonderful and I agree with everything you said. I’ve always felt there are some pieces you just shouldn’t touch. But some do need paint! I’ve done pretty good selling so I guess that works. So thank you again for affirming my thoughts! I’ve never used Fusion, but would like to try it. ( I use a lot of Dixie Bell and Annie Sloan…I always have to travel to get my paint😌). I wrote down the colors you recommend for 2024. Good choices! So let’s paint on shall we!!😁😁😁

Melanie Alexander

Tuesday 16th of January 2024

Glad it was helpful Kimberlon! It's definitely still selling, just looking a little different than maybe in past years! If you wanna try Fusion, be sure to use the affiliate link I shared for 10% off--it's a great deal! Always tough picking out colors though online, hope those suggestions maybe give you a place to start :)

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