It’s hard to get a real sense of who a person is by just reading their words on a page and looking at their well-proofed pictures.

But my hope is that the most real Melanie comes across in my posts.

I am nothing special, just an ordinary suburban mom who wants to teach my kids how to work hard and use their creative talents in ways that bless others.

Hi, I’m Melanie Alexander.
It’s so nice to meet you!

Thanks so much for taking some time out of your day to stop by Lost & Found.

I would love to give you a peek behind the scenes and tell you more about me, my family, and my business.

I am a wife of 18 years to a wonderful husband and mom to three amazing boys-turned-young-men.

I have had the privilege of staying home with my children, raising them in the Dallas area for 11 years, and now in
Northwest Arkansas.

I grew up with a mother who had an eye for interior style.

She was always teaching herself some new DIY/craft skill, some of which made their way down to me.

One of our favorite family weekend pastimes was touring open houses for sale, or wading through houses that were being built, trying to imagine what the final product would look like.

I still love house-looking today, and will confess that if you’re lights are on and blinds are open at night, I’m going to sneak a look into your home while I drive by

My husband and I worked in Christian ministry for most of our marriage.

We have been blessed to always have our needs provided for, but often time my decorative “wants” were a little out of our budget’s reach.

So early on in our homemaking, I started experimenting with making over cast-off furniture and hunting through thrift and vintage stores to find affordable and unique things I could use to decorate.

Over the years of being home with my children, I also experimented with many different ways to bring in some additional income–from babysitting, to cake making, and home staging.

I finally found my small business niche though when I started my own resale booth in a local flea market. I fell head over heels for the art of junking, and have never looked back.

In February 2012,
Lost & Found was born.

I came up with the tagline, “lose the ordinary, find the unique,” because that is how I see my business–a way to help others incorporate style and beauty into their homes through unique, found treasures.

Over 10 years ago now I opened my first resale booth at Antique Company Mall in the antique mecca of downtown McKinney, TX.

I also started as a way to chronicle my small business adventures and offer how to’s to others interested in making over vintage furniture.

Over the last decade, I’ve added two additional booth spaces to my business, as well as a 2 year stint as the owner of my very own brick and mortar store.

I’ve had the pleasure of expanding into being a retailer for multiple lines of amazing DIY products, including Fusion Mineral Paint and Redesign with Prima Decor Transfers.

Today Lost & Found exists as an e-commerce shop that services over 10,000 customers throughout the United States.

It also serves as a local home decor, painted furniture, and diy product retailer here in NW Arkansas.

My goal for Lost & Found continues to be to offer unique decorative accessories and furnishings that can fit into even the tightest budget.

I also try to pass along skills and encouragement to others that are looking to start their own small business, specifically other moms working to balance their creative endeavors with the demands of family life.

I certainly don’t have it “all together,” as it may sometimes appear on this blog.

My house is quite often a total mess, I’m usually behind on managing my business, and I drink WAY too much coffee. I don’t take myself too seriously, and am more comfortable in gym shorts and a t-shirt than in anything trendy or dressy. I wear cheap makeup, never paint my nails, and have an insatiable sweet tooth that I can’t control.

I am humbled by the thought that anyone takes the time to read what I write. I consider it a great privilege to visit your homes through this blog, and to sell items that wind up in your personal spaces.

I am always up for an email chat, so feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have thoughts, questions, or just a funny story to share.

Thank you for visiting Lost & Found, and may you have a blessed day!

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