Remember Your Passion While Running a Small Business

This past year has really been amazing for Lost & Found. What started 3 years ago as somewhat of a hobby has grown into a real, all-out small business.

And honestly, while watching Lost & Found grow has been amazing, it’s also been a little tough. I’ve struggled with managing what feels like the never-ending demands of a blogger and small business owner with all of my “regular life” jobs–keeping up with my kids, doing laundry, cooking dinner, etc, etc. I know I’m not alone in having a hard time trying to find that mythical “balance;” I’ve read about so many other Mom-preneurs struggling with the exact same thing.

When a hobby grows into a business, often it stops being fun. That’s where I’ve been for the past few months with Lost & Found–just not having a whole lot of fun.

When a hobby grows into a business, often it stops being fun.

Since mid-October my schedule has been very busy, and just this past week I finally hit the point where I could slow down and take a deep breath.

That’s when a custom work client of mine called though and asked if I had a desk in stock. She was wanting a desk for her elementary-aged daughter, and was having trouble finding anything that fit the style her daughter wanted.

Unfortunately I told her I didn’t have a desk for sale, and her reply was, “I guess I’ll have to go get something IKEA since I’ve waited so long.”

My vintage-loving heart screamed “NOOOOOOO!!”

That’s maybe a little overdramatic 🙂

Nothing against IKEA, but let’s be honest–their wood furniture is not known for its exceptional quality and durability.

I couldn’t let my client go buy a desk at IKEA for her daughter. I just couldn’t. So I asked her to give me two days to try and find her a desk, and if I couldn’t find anything, then she could shop at IKEA with a clear conscience.

Within 20 minutes of looking around on some Facebook garage sale sites, I found this solid oak desk for $25.


The next day, I was driving to pick it up in my van, with the whole family in tow.

Honestly, at that moment I was kicking myself. Why in the world did I volunteer to work on another furniture makeover two weeks before Christmas, right when I finally had a break??

Way down in my heart I knew why though–because finding great, lost pieces of furniture and transforming them into affordable, treasured parts of a home is what I love to do.

In some ways, this desk makeover sums up what I want Lost & Found to be all about.

Way down in my heart I knew why though–because finding great, lost pieces of furniture and transforming them into affordable, treasured parts of a home is what I love to do.

Yes, Lost & Found is a business and I want it to make money. But I can’t stay motivated with the only goal being to make money. I have to remember why I started doing this in the first place.

What is it about taking a forgotten piece and making it into something totally different that speaks to me?


I know I’m not creating world peace or anything super-important like that, but I do feel like what I do with furniture can make a small difference in our consumer-driven, throw-away society.

By making over this desk, I saved my client a good bit of money. I also salvaged the great wood of this desk and gave it another chance to be used and appreciated. And I made a little money to help support my family.

Remember Your Passion While Running a Small Business

I hope what I do will show my kids the value of creativity, and how you don’t always have to have something “new.”

I hope my clients and customers are blessed with affordable furniture and decor, which may give them more room in their budgets to be helpful and generous to others.

I hope I can save a few pieces here and there from the trash pile and create beauty out of something that most people think is worthless.

That’s really what I’m passionate about. Taking on this last minute desk makeover has helped me remember that, and honestly I’ve really enjoyed working on it.


When you find yourself in the place where your hobby becomes a business, you have to take time to remember your passion–remember what you love about the process and why you ever started doing it in the first place.

Work will still be work, and sometimes you won’t be loving every part of your job that you need to do.  But connecting with your deeper motivation–remembering your passion–will help you pull through those times and benefit your business in the long run.

Stay tuned for “after” photos of this great, oak desk!


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