I’m having a hard time keeping up lately . . . That’s probably normal for the summertime, but it’s been extra crazy lately.  Furniture is flying out of my ACM booth space faster than I can replenish it.

Since April, I have sold 10 pieces of furniture.  There have been a couple of chest of drawers,

 two desks,
make money repainting furniture
two dining sets,
make money repainting furniture
and even an entire French Provincial bedroom set.
make money repainting furniture
Most of the furniture has been pieces I’ve made over, but there’s been a few “found” pieces also.
make money repainting furniture
 Since April, only once piece I have made over is still available for sale.  This is a new phenomena for me, and I’m not sure exactly what to credit the high sales to.

Maybe it’s the recent uptick in the economy?  Or maybe it’s the hight traffic of the summer season?

I can’t control either of those things though, so I’ll focus on what I can control as I keep working my own system to make money repainting furniture. 

Here are my takeaways from this recent selling surge:

1.  Continue offering customers a variety of colors and styles in my made-over furniture.

2.  Promote my pieces in a variety of ways–on the blog, Craigslist, Facebook, etc.

3.  Work on keeping at least one piece “on deck,” so that I can quickly fill a hole in my booth.

4.  Set aside profits from this boom to cover for future droughts in sales.

How about you?  How have your sales been?  I would love to hear about the market in your area, what are you seeing sell and what isn’t.  What adjustments have you been making to your business based upon what’s selling?

In the meantime, I have 3 big projects to finish and get up to my space!

(This one is actually already finished 🙂  Stay tuned for makeover pics).

Hope you all are enjoying some profitable months too.  I feel very blessed, but I’m tired!


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