Hi friends!  My family and I made it back!  We had a magical time in Disney World, and I so appreciate all the well wishes I received from so many of you.

This isn’t going to be a content-heavy post, just some fun pictures to share with you all so you can live a little of the trip along with us.

Our first flight as a family of five went well, and our littlest one was fired up about riding on “the big helicopter,” as he kept calling it 🙂

Even though it had been a long day of traveling, we snuck in a few hours at the Magic Kingdom on our arrival day.

I’m sure you can tell that the little guy wasn’t too excited about missing his nap and being strolled around Disney World, but the big boys could hardly wait to see the castle and some characters.
It rained on us a good bit while we were there, but I think it was really a blessing because it kept the lines smaller.

It was so much fun watching my boys’ eyes light up every time they saw a character or a scene in a movie ride that they knew.

My 2 year old’s reactions to the characters was especially charming.  He gave each of them a big hug and was very interested in their outfits.
I was able to have a little grown-up fun too . . .
But most of what I enjoyed was watching the boys experience the parks.  This was such a long trip in coming, and I was a little nervous that our expectations would be too high . . . but it really was wonderful and I think the boys made some very special memories.
Thanks so much for being patient with me while we traveled. I have more great content coming up, including some furniture makeovers and fall decor ideas.  But right now I just need a little extra rest to recover from our “vacation!”
If you missed the October 1st Friday Etsy Feature Shop that posted last week, please be sure to check it out!  You will want to know about this fabulous shop to help get ready for your next furniture project.

I’m going to take a nap now 🙂  See you again soon!


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